Doubt clouds out creativity


The Moon  shines over me like a tender lover caressing the creative pages of my hopeful soul. Inspiration comes from anywhere and anything. The trick is to see it, feel it and grab on dragging it out of the vast depths of my imagination.

I spend a lot of time daydreaming, I always have. It took many, many years to understand that my penchant for daydreaming was my creativity trying to get out. I thought about my story and characters for years. They skulked away into the shadows when doubt came out to play. Ah, doubt. That dubious little jerk. Doubt is that cloud that blots out the moon, casting darkness where it’s not welcome. I discovered that like clouds, doubt is insubstantial. It isn’t solid and it will move on with a little patience.

I would see a well-known book, a piece of literary art and with a twinge of anxiety think, there is no way I could do that. Why not? Why on earth am I letting anyone or anything make me feel as if I can’t? Once I wafted my doubt away, I found the courage that had been waiting for me to take the first step.

My advice about courage and doubt.
They don’t play well together. Put doubt in a timeout; and let yourself shine like the full moon on a clear starry cloudless night. Be bright, wonderful and awe-inspiringly beautiful in whatever you do.


The “word count” down.

Read, revise and repeat. The shampoo process of editing.


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7 thoughts on “Doubt clouds out creativity

  1. Nice post. Although, it was strange to read the part about “dragging” it out of your imagination. I feel like in my most creative moments, I’m not doing much creation at all…maybe a little arrangement of the stuff that is flowing, but not much creation. However, I do have times when I still want to create even when I am not feeling very inspired. I think those moments may be when I’m ignoring what’s present inside of me at the time and trying to reach for something that isn’t there. Is that kind of how you feel as well?


    • Yes sometimes the creativity flows so strong I can’t keep up. It’s when doubt comes along and tries to block the way that I tend to need to reach down pull it up in spite of the doubt. If find that doubt is what causes me to think there is nothing to reach for. Doubt sucks and I entertain it less and less as I learn how useless it is.

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