Eyes that carry worlds

eyes world

When I think of the Eyes in terms of writing two things come to mind foremost. My own and my readers.

My eyes allow me to see what I’ve written. My mind’s eye to envision what I’ve created and what I am about to create. My hindsight allows me to see what I missed and what I need to fix, change or add. Often my eyes fail me and I miss the smallest of typos. That is why I rely on the eyes of others to catch them.

My readers’ eyes are what allow the world I create and all its characters to come to life. I strive to make this the most fantastic experience possible, as do all writers.

The eyes are a direct method of transportation. Carrying words from a page to the vast world of imagination within. They carry worlds from one person to another.

My advice.

Let their eyes feast on what you’ve created. Don’t hide your work in fear of judgment let them see it how they will.



The not-so-direct path to publishing.

The “word count” down.


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