Something different, something fun

I thought I would do something a little different today. Something just for fun.

I am still working through the information from my consultation and making the revisions and changes necessary to my Query letter and Synopsis.

I have been working on a few designs for logos and header pictures.

So I am asking your opinions on which you like best. Please comment below which you like best of the A B C images, 1 2 3 and which you like best of the X Y Z.

Let explain the reason for my choice of images. The man in the suit represents the large powerful corporation in the book that controls BiaAtlas. The earth symbolizes Atlas the Titan of strength (Titan Atlas is typically symbolized holding or holding up the earth). The elemental background is as close as I can get to the female goddess Bia. She is the goddess of force, such as gravity and resistance. The few representations of her in art show a whimsical strong being, so I represent her with powerful images of things that can’t necessarily be touched. There is also a significant amount of danger in the book thus my choice of fire.

From classic, whimsical to elegant these are my top favorites, I seem to lean toward the purples, I’m not sure why. Please note all images have been purchased or permissions granted for my personal use.

The first four are sans human. More of a ‘logo’ style.


Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved

The next three are the close-ups with less background. These symbolize the background to the story.

biaatlas-logo-123-pubCopyright © 2016 All rights reserved

The last three have more of the background image visable.


Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved

I hope you liked at least one of them and are willing to let me know. I also welcome constructive criticism. Thanks.


PS I’ll be getting back to my norm soon.  😉


Tulips in July

Silliness and seriousness

Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved


16 thoughts on “Something different, something fun

  1. In the case of the first set of images (globe only) I tend to gravitate toward A. The multiple colors make the image appear a bit more three dimensional.

    Of the 2nd three, I like the more monochromatical, number 1. I brings the globe to the forefront of the image.

    Of the second three, I like X. The other backgrounds are a bit distracting.

    Good luck!

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  2. Right there with Kristin. C. Having been in marketing for all of my life, I’m a big believer in less is more. In C, I also like the shining light peeking from behind as if to tell you that something more is coming. The rest feel too busy – Fun designs.


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