I’m just me

I wanted to thank all the people that take the time to read my posts and the new visitors that dive into the archives reading the older ones.

Many of you give compliments and praise generously and I appreciate that you find value in what I have to say. I started this blog after a recommendation to improve my platform as a writer.  I’m glad I did, this is fun. I try to keep my posts light, interesting and if I can, funny.

I took a look back over my history, since I started I’ve posted 63 posts, I’ve had 2931 views, 1050 visitors,  2955 views, 1141 likes and 448 comments. I don’t mention this to brag, I’m not sure what constitutes exceptional or lame in regards to blogging. I mention it to say thank you, if only one person visited and found value in what I have to say that would be enough. I appreciate the time and effort you, my fellow bloggers put into your sites and posts and therefore appreciate when you take time to visit mine.

That being said, I see many people comment that they would like to write a book or wish they could write a book. There is so much advice out there and even some that deters aspiring authors such as yourselves to take the leap and write a book. I say go for it. It may work and may not, but if you don’t try you’ll never know. And who’s to say your first attempt has to be the last? Courage, confidence and a whole lot of effort, that’s what you need. Don’t worry about what others say, in fact I didn’t tell anyone about my book until I was comfortable to do so. My husband didn’t see it until I was done the first draft. Months after I finished the first draft is when I found my courage to tell others. My fears were unfounded and everyone is supportive and kind. And so far many have loved my book.

I went to school for fish and wildlife technologies. Not English lit, history, psychology or any of the areas of study that typically lead to professional writing. So no, I’m not a scholar nor do I have a degree or doctorate. I’m just me, happy and writing what’s in my mind and heart. If I can do it, so can you. It’s not easy and since I’m approaching traditional publishing its a long and not so straight road. All my posts are bits and pieces of what I have learned along the way, and will be about what I still have yet to learn. It’s hard work and takes patience, but that makes it all the more worthwhile.

My advice to you today.
Don’t worry about how rough your first draft is, that’s what revision and editing is for. And above all else, be as generous as others are to you. A lovely comment on a well written post may just give someone the boost they need to take the step toward achieving their writing goals, or dreams, or brighten their day.

Thanks again everyone.


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22 thoughts on “I’m just me

  1. Thank for writing these little expresso wake-up calls 🙂 And congrats for having the courage and tenacity to see it through. You’re right, the first draft is just that. As Stephen King said in his excellent memoir, it should be written with the ‘door closed’, i.e. for your eyes only. Well done on reaching an important milestone. Good luck with the next.

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  2. Great advice Sheryl. I agree that you don’t need “special skills” to write anything. When I first started my blog 3 years ago, I just wrote what was in my head, I still do to this day. As bloggers I believe we are writing for the joy of it, although we are grateful for every like, comment, and follow we receive, ultimately our writing brings us more happiness than any commentor can give us.

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  3. To be honest it’s probably who I am but having said that if it didn’t speak to me I’d have little to say lol but your posts always rate an awesome comment as reflected in the many blog awards you receive similar it’s clear I’m not the only person who delights in reading your posts wink wink

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