What a view I have!

Point of View. This is a topic of great conversation. I have brushed on it multiple times in many blogs, but have not dived into it just yet. The point of view is the view or voice that the story’s narration is written.

When I write, I work hard to either stay in one POV or edit it back to one POV. BiaAtlas actually has two character POV. It started with three, but that was too much so I made it two. Honestly I’m happy with that and I still had a small sample of a third POV that I couldn’t quite get out completely. This is okay because I kept them separate from the others.

There are four types of POV writing, first, second, third – limited and third-omniscient. I will explain each but to give them proper attention and not have a mile long post, I’ll tackle one at a time.

Let’s talk about first person. First person writing is identified by the use of the pronouns I, My and Me.  (I see often when people mix first person and third, it’s a bit hard to digest.) From what I’ve seen first person is a go to for romance and erotica, likely because they involve a lot of feelings, characters inner thoughts and emotions. There are a lot of books written in first that are young adult and quite popular, they follow one character only and from their point of view they experience it all. Nothing can ever happen away from the main character when this is the View choice.

There was one horribly popular/famous “romance/erotica” series that I really wanted to like but couldn’t because of the lack of… a lot. Because of the limited POV anything exciting or interesting that happened had to be witnessed by the character. Nothing too interesting did, it was a lot of people telling the main character stories about what happened. Ugh… doooo something main character, be interesting.

Anyway I digress. First person writing can be liberating without having to worry about the show not tell rule when writing… um no, wait that still applies. It is tempting when writing in first to constantly tell. Now my writing is not in first person, but I’ll adapt a bit for this example.

I sat there in the dark counting my inhales and exhales. To say it was all I could do would be accurate. There was no light, no sound and nothing more than smooth cold floors and unforgiving walls. Well there was a door. The damned door with no handle, window or anything tangible. I left fear behind hours ago, well it seemed like hours ago. It could be minutes or even days for all I know. Go on the blind date they said, it will be fun they said. Sure if being locked in a light free room is fun. I suppose that counts. 

When the door opened I closed my eyes, resisting the instinct to look. I opened them slowly to adjust to the blaring beam of light.
“Get up.” Marko the abductor commanded. 
Gladly I thought. What Marko the asshole doesn’t know, might actually kill him. I shuffled to my feet looking as unimposing as possible. My shoulders taught and jaw clenched. He’d drugged me to get me here, it would be the only way. I was going home, unless he has a gun. I looked. No gun.
“Let’s go Brenda, I have a surprise for you.”
Oh I bet you do. I shuffled toward the door. The second I got close enough I reeled my right arm back, and slammed his head into the wall as hard as my five three frame would allow. It was enough. Marko slid to the floor after the sickening thud of his head on the door frame.
“Right.” I looked down at him.”Moron I’m special forces.” I pulled him into the room and closed the door behind me. Now to find a phone and call the police. 

Oh. That perspective is fun to write. I’ve never written in first, other than my blog posts. I feel like there is a possibility here to discover. I think I may have to give it some serious contemplation for my new book series I’ve been brainstorming about. In first person I have access to emotions, thoughts and the protagonist’s perspective. It was kind of like writing my thoughts, how I would think, behave, feel and act in a situation. Huh.

My advice about first person writing. 
If you do this, be consistent. Stay in the perspective of your main and if you divide between two, separate them by chapters to keep the readers from getting confused.  Oh and don’t forget to still show emotions.


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