What do you see?

POV. Point of view in the second perspective. I think writing in this point of view would be hard for many reasons. It is a narrative that talks to the reader as if they are experiencing the story. It requires assumption that the reader is okay with the story and choices being made for them. Now unless it’s a “choose your own destiny” book I personally don’t think that would go over well. People don’t generally like to be told what to do and how to feel.

Second person perspective uses the pronouns “You”, “Your” and “Your’s” to describe the central character. (the reader is the character…)

I would think this style shows up mostly in directions, advertising, emails, memos and songs. Maybe poetry?  I can’t say I’ve ever read a book entirely in the second perspective, I wonder if it would be odd? Or maybe uncomfortable? I’m going to have to find one I think and read it.

This perspective will stay outside all other characters and focus on the reader as the main. Telling instead of showing will be overly tempting and I wonder if it would be nearly impossible to not tell emotions or if you really can. Hmm. I’m going to have to go scifi-ish for this example.

When you woke this morning you probably didn’t expect to find yourself here. You opened the cover and now you are the sole guardian of the Omnis. The force of creation, the very being of the world you are imagining this very moment. The soft grass beneath your feet, the smell of life mixing on the cool breeze tempered by the salty sea in the distance. The pink and orange clouds in the evening sky casting their hue upon your skin. There is a temple not too far, hidden in the immense jungle before you. Making your way to it will be easy, unless you’re afraid of a challenge or two. Even when your soul leaves Somnium and you return to your body nestled in your so-called ‘real’ world you will take the Omnis with you.

Be aware the dark creatures that seek to destroy the Omnis. They will cause trouble and wreak havoc for you every day until you restore the balance. The lord will put a bounty on your head and they will hunt you relentlessly.
“Go on.”
What is this? Who said that you wonder.
“I’m Omnis, the source of creativity. With you I will defeat the empty darkness and banish the lord, Liber Mortis.”
You know what that is, it’s haunted you for weeks as you stare at the cursor on the screen. The words stuck unable to free themselves from your mind.
“He is there, and he has imprisoned you. Let’s go to the temple before it’s too late. Before all is lost.”

Yeah okay, that was not my best or even close to my favorite. I’m not sure I can or will ever write in this point of view for an entire book. Maybe if I put an email or letter in a book I might. I will definitely have to find a novel written in second perspective and see if it’s readable. I couldn’t see a way to incorporate second perspective into any of my writing unless it was a text or email. Maybe, but then it’s not really second POV is it? Hmm.

My advice about second point of view writing.
If it works for you, all the power to you. I don’t see myself writing this way for an entire novel but if you can go for it… I guess.


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6 thoughts on “What do you see?

  1. I usually see this view in text adventure games and the “choose your owm adventure” genre, maybe I’m a weirdo, but I kind of like it. Probably just because it’s a change of pace. That being said, I once read a spanish short story written in this perspective, and the point of the story was to hide the identity of the POV. It was really good, however, I don’t know for sure if it was necessary to use second person. Of course, maybe someone out there has managed an even better interpretation!

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    • It just seems an odd perspective, I will be researching it more simply out of curiosity. I can see it in games that makes sense, but the user is more directly involved in the story than just reading. hmm…

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