Happy Valentines Day

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Take some time to show and appreciate the love around you. Whether it’s romantic, family or friends. Those that need it the most hide it the best.

My advice about Valentines day.
Hate it or love it there is no reason not to show love. If you can, do something kind for someone unexpectedly, be that someone you know or a stranger. 


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This post is a re-blog of my Labor of love blog from a while back. Hope you don’t mind.

I wrote a book. Now what?

Every writer and artist dreams that they’re going to write the next breakthrough masterpiece. Then doubt comes along and the words “What if it’s not good enough?” comes along and dashes the confidence.

But what if it is? This is the question that needs to follow any doubt that rears it’s ugly head. I came to the realization that if I think it’s good someone else is bound to like it. If I think, it’s great however people will be excited to like it. It’s all about aiming high. If you want a six-figure contract, believe you’ll get it. Then do what you need to do to make it happen.

Success comes at a cost, not the Hollywood sell your soul to the devil cost, I’m talking effort, sweat and tears. I’d say blood but only if paper cuts are involved. 😉 It is hard work to be published traditionally. There…

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