All that glitters…

I really do love writing the antagonists. The canvas is blank and they are delightfully unpredictable. However in that unpredictability must lay a facade of control. Writing bad is too much fun. But too much bad at once can become unbelievable. A person that does bad things or is inherently bad is generally manipulative, conniving, smart and willing to play a larger game. I look at the bad ones as multifaceted, fascinating and possibly the most complicated. They get the dark and damaging back stories, they are greedy and they are there to cause damage, wreak havoc and torment.

I like to progress my bad guys, give the reader a chance to learn to hate them, pity them and secretly cheer for them. To do that I make the situation frustrating. Ups and downs.

Dale pounded on Scott’s door, he answered scowling with gold glitter smeared on his left cheek.
“I”m not alone.”
“I don’t give a shit Scott. What the hell were you thinking attacking Amber? Have you lost your mind?”
“Come in, but keep it down man.” Scott stepped aside and closed the door behind Dale.
“Keep it down? You called her Linda? Amber is not Linda.” Dale poked Scott in the chest. “Amber is not and never was yours. You had your chance, shit you had many, many chances and you brushed her off. Explain!”
“I had some whisky shots and got a little frazzled.” Scott tilted his head cracking his neck. “She’s playing you.”
“Lucky for you Scott I calmed her down explained who Linda is and she pities you instead of hates you.”
Scott raked his hands over his face smearing the transferred makeup as Dale continued.
“She was terrified and for good reason. You do realize you could be charged right?”
Scott and Dale stared at each other. Dale’s fury grew and Scott’s slipped away in an instant. The gleam of his eyes shifted startling Dale.
“Ah man you know I’m sorry as hell. I am an ass. I’ll make it up to her tomorrow. I’ll apologize and I will make it right.”
“See that you do.” Dale turned, opened the door, paused and looked over his shoulder. “If you ever, ever so much as touch her or threaten her again there will be hell to pay.”
Contrite expression gone, Scott narrowed his at the door Dale slammed in his face. “Threaten me will you?” Scott raised a fist to the door. “That slut has you duped buddy. Don’t worry I’ll make it right alright.” He turned with a crooked smile to go back to the doe-eyed 19-year-old in his bed. She’s drunk and more than excited to lose her virginity to a hot and sexy total stranger on her birthday.

Down the rabbit hole we go. Now that Scott has it in his head that Amber is Linda there’s no telling what he’ll do. For me it’s important to coat my bad guy in disguise, to let their true natures shine slowly from behind their glittery masks. After all a bad person like Scott just wants justice and to be loved. Scot is not my stories main antagonist. Scott is what I like to call a story born bad guy. The one that evolves and causes problems. These are the kind that I sometimes pull into the next book and giving them a more prominent role. Sometimes I go with it and let them become a major player. It all depends on how the story rolls.

My advice about creating interesting antagonists.
Personally I say make them like-able and give them layers. Don’t out them right away, give them moments to shine before they do what they were written to do.


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