That’s So Simile

When writing I often use a simple yet effective way to compare things. Similes. Going back to grade school here. A Simile is a figure of speech directly comparing two things.

Similes explicitly use words to connect: Like, than, as, so and similar verbs. Quite often similes are used to compare something living with something not.  These are often used to inspire humor, stark visual or comparison for effect.

Unlike Hyperboles a simile is a realistic and often visual inducing comparison.

For example.

His hug was like being wrapped in a warm sweater
Tom’s comment fell flat like a slashed tire.
A tear rolled down her cheek like drops of rain down a window pane.
The meatballs were as round as baseballs.
The show was as exciting as watching dust collect.

The idea is evident. I think when I write I tend to use similes in a sarcastic manner. Especially if they are in dialogue. I would have someone sassy say something sarcastic in a simile fashion. Sometimes I just like to say something or have them say something wacky and off the wall.

Dale stood over Amber’s Shoulder as she typed the message for the Territory Clothing company’s proposal reply. With Sasha gone she had been given more responsibilities and was flourishing with them.

“You’re in my space.” Amber said not breaking her typing.

“You type as fast as piranhas picking a carcass clean.”

“Gross and thank you.” She smiled. Dale had a way of complimenting her that wasn’t the usual pandering boring fluff.

Scott approached Dale and Amber at her workstation. They’ve been inseparable lately, like industrial Velcro. Dale had bailed twice now on guy’s night. Amber was a problem. He smiled and set her mug of tea down. 

“Just the way you like it. Hot enough to nearly melt the mug.”

“Thanks Scott.” Amber smiled. Scott was trying very hard to make up for his blunder.

I enjoy a good simile if it’s clever and fits the story or character. I don’t enjoy too many of them in novels. Poetry is sprinkled liberally with them like sugar on a cookie.

I often see simile and hyperbole mixed and interchanged. Even on websites claiming one or the other. I simply think; simile is a similar comparison why hyperbole is a hyper or exaggerated comparison. I’m sure there are those that disagree or say they are the same. Meh. I just like to know the difference when I plan to write them into a story.

My advice about Simile.
Writing a simile is like composing a mini poem in one sentence.  

What are your favorite similes?


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7 thoughts on “That’s So Simile

  1. Just finished a chapter in the novel I’m currently reading: The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. It’s a great read and I recommend it highly. Here’s a simile from the just finished chapter in which a friend of the protagonist is beaten by a crooked cop: “My friend didn’t move; he looked like a bundle of old clothes in a puddle.”

    Very effective!

    I enjoyed your post. thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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