Spring Editing Is In The Air

Spring is in the air and the birds have started chirping and singing. It’s a busy time of year. I eagerly await my tulips and daffodils. I discovered some plants that should have died over the winter, are still alive. I’m shocked and excited. Like hope for obtaining a literary agent, they stuck out the cold and brutal winter of rejections and survived.

My most recent query quest is almost at an end. There are only a handful left of queries to expire. I’ve begun work on the new revision of chapter one and I’m hoping to have it done soon. I’ll begin again with the queries as I continue with my new book.

The new book is coming along very well. I’m drawn in and working hard on the arcs and mini arcs. I know this one will need a lot of revision and revising once I’ve got the bones put together. But that is a long way away. For now it’s all about getting the story done and developing the characters and their interactions.

As I read blogs and other stories I see styles that I like and incorporate them into my writing. Learning as we go is key. It’s important to not only improve our own technique but to fine tune our own unique styles. I know my voicing is distinctly mine, because I wrote it and did not attempt to copy or mimic any other writer specifically. I wrote how I would want to read the story. This I think is key. To be true to myself.

While I am divided with projects at the moment, I’m loving the challenge and excitement a new story brings. I must be prudent with both stories and how I proceed. They are both very different I don’t want to mix character styles when editing and writing. With the thrill of a new season starting, I feel the energy of a new chapter of my adventure beginning.

So it’s time to get to work and do some spring editing on BiaAtlas’s first chapter and get it back out there with a fresh new feel.

My advice about writing.
Keep writing what you love and know. Write what you want to read, because if you do, someone else is bound to love it too.

PS the tulips in my image today are what I’m waiting for in my garden. That picture was taken two springs ago.


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11 thoughts on “Spring Editing Is In The Air

      • Well I do until the 15th read through 🙂

        One also has to know when too apply tough love to their own writing and let someone else have a go at it. Too many people decide they love their work too much and that no one can improve it. If there is only one problem with self publishing it’s that too many people think they can write and edit their own work properly.


  1. What a nice post to read on a beautiful Spring day in my neck of the woods. Spring has really inspired me to write posts of various sorts, as well. I used to like Autumn equally well, but now I’m a bit more partial to Spring.

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  2. It is an excellent post as spring has truly sprung. Our neighbour were out enjoying a bonfire two nights ago, this after only 2 weeks previous we had snow, not just snow, but lots of it. Two weeks can change everything!. Onward and upward and prudent as we go! hehe

    Liked by 1 person

      • You and me too! I love spring and planting bulbs…although this year I might splurge and buy plants as I don’t have much other than planters to use. They ripped down all the 100 plus year old trees beside us, that were over 100 feet tall. sad very sad.

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      • 2 weeks ago we had snow, lots of snow then 2 days of skiffs of snow, and 2 nights ago people had a bonfire and it was crisp but not cold, the difference 2 weeks can make hey? astounding. I can’t wait for some colour woot

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