Squinty Squinting Modifiers Sentence Structure#3

Squinty Squinting Modifiers

On my last 2 posts, I showed how messy my Grammar is by Grammarly’s standards. These are mistakes that the basic word program missed or it is not able to identify. There are days when I wish I had a magic book editing Genie to magically make the book perfect. Since wishes are a fantasy, I’ll have to do the work myself.

The example from my book is from the rough draft of Prophecy Ink. Before I did my readthrough to correct the worst and most obvious. I’m using these examples because they were there and it’s how we learn.

Grammerly 1Contextual Spelling: 349
Grammer: 212
Punctuation: 999+ (Um that’s embarrassing)
Sentence Structure: 19
Style: 127
Vocabulary Enhancement: 267

Here are some common sentence structure problems found. If you missed a previous post you can click on the crossed out links here.
Incorrect word order .
Missing Verb .
Squinting Modifier
Incorrect Adverb Placement
Missing _____ in emphatic sentence

Something that came up a time or two was Squinting Modifier. What is that?

Squinting modifiers are also called Ambiguous modifiers(Fist example not from my book)

Eating too much ice cream quickly gives me a stomachache.

The modifier is ‘quickly’. Am I eating ice cream quickly or is it quickly giving me a headache? It’s not clear. The Modifier is misplaced. To fix this I need to reposition it to make it clear what is happening “quickly” 

When I eat too much ice cream I quickly develop a stomachache.
Eating too much ice cream quickly always gives me a stomachache.

It doesn’t matter how it’s fixed or rewritten as long as it is made clear if it’s a headache or the action of eating ice cream that happens quickly.

Now in my book, I had this one.
Grammerly 6

Okay, so to begin with that’s just a horrible sentence. Filter words abound and it drags on. here is the fix:

“Oh lovely, you’re awake dear.” The nurse’s kind tone broke my heart.

Squinting modifiers are often hard to catch as the writer. I missed this blaring one. I ended up rewriting the entire paragraph to make it flow better. This was just one of many errors in the paragraph.

My advice about Squinting Modifiers:

I hate squinting at squinting modifiers. Most of them were easily fixed by punctuation or a simple sentence rewrite. Take the time to have someone review your work or use a program that can identify them for you. FYI the basic word program I used did not catch any of them.


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10 thoughts on “Squinty Squinting Modifiers Sentence Structure#3

  1. I read this squinting—need my glasses. 😬 In saying that, 😮 wow. I didn’t think of that! I learn something new here every day. ☺️ I may have an English degree, but to be frank, just because I know English doesn’t mean I know English grammar—especially as it pertains to creative writing. I’m learning how it is all different. Thanks for the advice. Chances are, in 1100 pages I have a lot of these…😳 oh, no. 💗

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Oh, I make mistakes and I’m far from a professional anything in the writing world. I don’t mind sharing what I’ve learned even if it is a wee bit embarrassing at times. Grammar is my weakness and so I’m focusing on that right now. Prophecy is only 390 and I found a lot of errors in my first draft, honestly finding, fixing and improving writing is rewarding.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t know if grammar is my weakness as much as the names of grammar and their definitions. I just learned what an adverb was. 😛 I’m so horrible with names of everything. So whenever I learn or re-learn something I go back and see if I’m doing it right. I agree it is rewarding. 😌

        Liked by 1 person

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