Do Write An Emphatic Sentence – Sentence Structure#5

Do Write An Emphatic

On my last 4 Sentence Structure posts, I showed how messy my Grammar is by Grammarly’s standards. This is the final part of the Sentence structure issues I faced with my first draft.  

Grammerly 1Contextual Spelling: 349
Grammer: 212
Punctuation: 999+ (Um that’s embarrassing)
Sentence Structure: 19
Style: 127
Vocabulary Enhancement: 267

Here are some common sentence structure problems found. If you missed a previous post, you can click on the crossed out links here.
Incorrect word order  .
Missing Verb  .
Squinting Modifier  .
Incorrect Adverb Placement  .
Missing _____ in emphatic sentence

Missing _____ in emphatic sentence The ___ is the placeholder for a word that is suggested. I’ll be honest I didn’t know what this was when I first saw it. I did only see it once in my revision, so it didn’t stand out.

I’m not going to go into great detail on this since most people write emphatic sentences and don’t realize they are. I guess I’ll start by explaining what an emphatic sentence is. Emphatic in a sentence is to form a momentary emphasis in the story. To be clear and forceful. They are usually short, to the point and generally, do not need exclamation points. If the words matter the only punctuation needed is typically a period.

Emphatic sentences usually use a form of Do, does, did, will, what etc.

These are sentences that show:

Desperate actions: Stop, or she will drown. Light the fireworks now they’re getting rowdy.
Pointed or abrupt questions: Are you joking? Did you lie? (Unless in dialogue I’m not a fan of these)
Spontaneous action: The crowd did scream the moment TriX came on to the stage.
Intense commands: Stop what you’re doing. Do your homework now.
Tension: The car veered into the oncoming traffic. Do not pull the trigger.

Grammerly 11

The grammar checker wants me to change the sentence to: What one save was half a link. Which made no sense at all. I actually ended up removing this sentence altogether and working that information into another.

My advice about emphatic sentences: 

To convey emphatic keep the sentence short, and direct! It is tempting to use exclamation points. I’ve talked about this before! Limit their use and let the writing express the empathic sentence instead! Emphatic is not yelling! Don’t yell in the narrative! If the person is yelling, set it up, show it with words if you can. Geesh I must stop yelling! I will stop yelling. I did stop yelling.


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2 thoughts on “Do Write An Emphatic Sentence – Sentence Structure#5

  1. I saw that too and figured at first it indicated punctuation was necessary until I went back later and re read the sentence. Thanks Sheryl. I do this all the time, I find it again and again… “So what do you have planned?” “Well that’s ok too ” hahha

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  2. I didn’t know this had a name for it until it came up in the grammar check. They way I mash the keyboard I’m surprised I don’t have more of them.


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