A New Daily Post Word Prompt – Check it out!

A New Daily Prompt

Hi Everyone. I have seen a lot of bloggers upset over the loss of daily prompts. I am going to give this a go and see how it works. I will have a page dedicated to this prompt.

The first prompt will appear tomorrow. I will be linking that post to this blog, please spread the word and let’s all have fun and share.

Here is the site’s link. Share, reblog and let anyone missing a daily prompt — hosted in one location consistently — know about it.



7 thoughts on “A New Daily Post Word Prompt – Check it out!

  1. Reblogged this on Tales from the mind of Kristian and commented:
    Sheryl is going to be hosting her own daily prompt. Check it out here.
    Dee Kelly, Cyranny’s Cove, Calmkate and I will still be doing our collaborative word prompts but I do not see competition, I see more creativity, the more the merrier. I hope we can link to each others prompts to reach an ever wider audience.


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