Happy Canada Day!

Canada day

Canada is home to a diverse and wonderful assortment of individuals. Together they make this country great. Being a patriotic Canadian means different things to different people. For me, at this moment it means kindness for our fellow Canadians, and for all fellow humans everywhere in the world.

This past winter and spring I faced some challenges and a few individuals showed me what true kindness is. They were patient, they listened and they helped without question or hesitation. 

Whether you’re Canadian or not, let’s show our love for humanity and show someone kindness, the smallest act can change a life.

Happy Canada Day!



9 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day!

  1. So agree, we here in Australia are stuck with a a miserable lot in govt. who affect how the population respond to humanitarian issues. Happy Canada Day and may your govts attitudes infect the world.

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  2. This is the way all people should be, all of the time, it is just sad that it is not a daily reality everywhere. I am going to reblog your article for you. I have been to Canada about 20-25 times in my adult life, always on business yet what I could not help but notice was how nice everyone I met was to me, how clean the Country was and how low the crime rates were. If it were not for the reality that it just gets to darn cold up there I may well have moved there 30 or so odd years ago.

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    • It does get cold and then it gets super hot and we have mosqitoes inbetween. Seriously though I love this country, it’s beautifu. BC doesnt get cold or snow…. They aslo dont have mosquitoes.


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