Appreciation Of You

Appreciation Of You

I wanted to take a moment and say thank you. To all my followers, those here at BiaAtlas(I wrote a book now what?) and to those who participate in the “Your Daily Word Prompt.” I want to thank all my followers here on the blog and to those from Twitter.

I’ve been crazy busy lately living and loving summer. Writing, editing and rewriting. I’ve been querying, entering writing contests, researching, Beta reading, Participating in Twitter pitch parties and more that I can’t even recall at this moment.

I feel rich to have wonderful followers who are supportive and creative. It never fails to amaze me how fantastic the responses are to the daily prompt, or how fascinating blog posts and other twitter pitches and tweets are. You all are amazing and I appreciate you.

I try to get around to read as many blog posts as I can. If I miss one, my apologies, I am trying.

Well enough of the sappy stuff. Onward with the day.

Have a stupendous and adventurous weekend my friends!


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