I’m Sad.

Rumble & Frenzy

There’s not much for me to say today. Normally I do a Throwback Thursday post, but I’m taking the day off from anything educational or technical.

Last night we had to say goodbye to our little black Kitty. He was 16 years old which is old for a cat. Nine years ago we were told he had a year to live at the most, he had other plans.

Now he’s with his orange Tabby bestest buddy Frenzy who passed away 10 years ago, far, far too soon.

I’m Sad.

I love my silly guy.

rumble 4

Who loved to play.

rumble 3

His sister will miss him too.

rumble 2



25 thoughts on “I’m Sad.

  1. Oh Sheryl, I’m so sorry for you and all in your household who will miss your sweet furball. Kitties are such wondrous little members of our families. I’m thinking of you with much sympathy. Hugs. ~Julie

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  2. I’m so sorry, Sheryl. We had a close call with Porsche a couple months ago. I was heart-sick. He made it through the surgery. He’s 14 and they don’t do surgery on older cats. The vet said, they don’t usually make it. He’s been a changed cat since. When before he was so gentle and tender, now his back is up and he attacks first, thinks later. Take care.

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    • Thanks I miss him horribly. He had a good spoiled kitty life. We have two new ones coming to live with us next week so that is a positive not. He had a good life and lived eight years longer than expected due to kidney disease.


        • Yes, they are 3 months old. They will be coming home Thursday now, not Monday. They need to be spayed and neutered first. One is a gray tabby female the other is a black and white male. Super cute, overly affectionate and playful. Perfect for us. We just got back from visiting them.


          • Awe how adorable! I’m so happy for you. My daughter wants to get me a dog if anything happens to Porsche. I love big dogs. She has a teacup in mind. Yech. I’d probably step on the thing cause I can’t see well enough to avoid it. I really at this stage of the game, not want a dog.

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