As writers, we dare to dream. We dream of ideas, stories, characters, and places that we bring to life on the page.

We dare to put ourselves out there, into the world, and we hope to share our work. Whether our journey takes us to self-publishing, press publishing or slogging into the query trenches to find a Literary agent to represent us for traditional publishing, we all want the same thing; to publish our writing. Writing that we have put our hearts and souls into, it sounds cliché, and maybe it is, but that is exactly what we do.

Countless hours writing, revising, rewriting, revising again, rewriting, editing, maybe rewriting again and then we choose the next path toward publishing.

I am on the path to traditional publishing and will begin querying my latest book, Prophecy Ink. After a few rounds with a query and only receiving form rejections, I pulled it from the trenches and took a closer look. Something was wrong.

The first chapter wasn’t working, nor was the second and even third. So out to beta readers and critique partners, it goes. I ended up rewriting and condensing, and the MC (Main Character) lost her way. She now wandered through the events without purpose, without reasons. That was not what I intended, but I was too close to see the problem properly. Once identified through beta’s CP’s and a paid query critique, I rewrote again. Then back out to more Beta readers and Critique Partners. The problem was corrected, and after more careful revisions, the story was ready again.

But what about the rest of the query? The query letter and Synopsis? Part of that query package was a close look at them too. Two rounds of professional editing later, I had a polished query and Synopsis. But was that enough?

Yes and no. I had already signed up for a “How to get published” query workshop, and I took that query letter along. There are some minor issues to tend to and some comparisons to nail down, but I’m happy to say, I’m very close to putting out queries again.

What writers are willing to do to get to their dream of becoming published is no small thing. There are tears, stress, good and bad moments of doubt and joy. There is sweat involved, we toil and worry over every aspect and yes, sometimes even blood. I’ve had several paper cuts while revising hard copies.

When it comes to honing our skills, reading and writing daily are imperative. So is reaching out to other writers, writing groups, critique groups, and taking classes or workshops on writing or other aspects of whichever publishing route you choose. Local workshops are a fantastic resource, and I highly recommend searching for any you can find. I found Brian Henry’s workshop and a local critique group on Google. Libraries are also a great place to look for workshops and courses for writing and even writing groups.

I am glad I was able to see that there were problems and even happier that I was able to recognize what the problem with my MS and query was. With more work and a lot of time, Prophecy Ink is almost ready for the query trenches again.


For fantastic writing advice and publishing resources, visit http://quick-brown-fox-canada.blogspot.com/


Daily Word Prompt “Dream” https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2019/06/09/your-daily-word-prompt-dream-june-9-2019/
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