More Time Please

More timeSummer is coming to an end. Summer is a time when I am too busy with activities, vacation, writing, and work. I often find my attention sundered and stretched to its limit. What I wouldn’t give to have more time in the day, I’m sure everyone says or feels that at some point.

During my busiest time of year, I ended up writing another story, a sequel to Prophecy Ink. When a story must be written, for me, all other writing, reading, crafts, etc. take a backseat.  I’ve also been querying Prophecy Ink to agents and pitching in online contests like PitMad and SFFPit. I’m still undecided about entering PitchWars this year, I haven’t had time to participate in the online stuff or read all the mentor Bios. I’ll have to decide soon since the submission starts in six days.

As if I wasn’t busy enough through the summer, I also picked BiaAtlas back up and I’m working on fixing the start of the book and another round of editing and revisions. Once done that I hope to find new beta readers and a critique partner or two to go through it.

Re-visiting BiaAtlas is bittersweet, while I know what needs to be changed and fixed, I also know to requery I’ll likely have to change the title to query it again. That’s a maybe, I could perhaps keep BiaAtlas and add something to it or give it a subtitle, either way, to drop it into agent’s inboxes, I probably have to call it something else. You see, I queried it before it was ready, before I understood that finding quality beta readers and Critique partners were essential to polishing a story.

So in between Critiquing other author’s work, writing, reading and life, I’ll be reworking my baby—BiaAtlas-the first book I ever wrote. I am hoping to squeeze some time in for some blogging as well.

My advice: No matter how busy life is, take time out for yourself and for family—That time is most precious.


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