One day I sat down and started writing a book. Otherwise known as a Manuscript. A story many years in the making. Have I written anything of this scale before? No. So the journey began. I am trudging through the process the hard way, learning as I go. There is so much more to writing, editing and revising than I ever imagined. This is just the beginning. I’ve come a long way and still have many miles to go.



Update – Progress on editing is coming along nicely I am working on getting the word count down to industry standard. (Below 120,000) Once that is done I will start querying Literary Agents for representation.







18 thoughts on “My adventure with writing.

  1. A beginning is good
    For one thing leads to another
    And to keep up with the good mood
    You might want to check
    The reminder you’ve got on the header
    “Edit this message in the Customizer” 🙂 🍸

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    1. I love the sentence “I wrote a book”. It has changed my life and now when I see or hear others say or write it, I feel exited for them, knowing just what it means to accomplish something so personal.

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  2. This may sound a bit crazy but I have been praying to God for help in writing a book. Then yesterday I had been writing in Microsoft Word and I found a blog layout. I needed to register to use it. Well because I don’t have word downloaded and can only write in it, it would not allow me to upload anything, So I was “forced” to choose a blog site and this one seemed the easiest. (At the time) It was so confusing at first, but I am figuring it out. Anyways, I found your blog today. It didn’t really hit me until I came to this section and found others thanking your for your efforts, because they too were attempting to write a book. I just want you to know that I think you are inspiring. I was really thinking “maybe this wasn’t my calling, I am struggling way to much.” It does take a lot of hard work to write. And I am learning to not depend on myself so much…Something I have been taught from my Father in Heaven. So thank you for your continued pursuance. I am sure you give a lot of people hope for what may come. You did for me. God Bless You!


    1. You don’t sound crazy at all. Things happen for a reason and I’m glad that I could inspire you, that is an incredible thing to say. I started this blog on a recommendation to strengthen my writer platform. I’m a novice writer, unpublished, someone who has had to learn the hard way. So this blog is my journey and my journal. All the things I’ve learned and still have to learn. An unexpected result of this journey, is people such as yourself, those that find what I have to say interesting or helpful. For me that’s more than I bargained for and I’m honored that people find inspiration in my blog posts. Thank you for your honest kind words, they truly mean a lot to me.

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  3. Thanks you for reading my blog. If you liked it and would like to share it on your social media site please do. My goal is to have a voice for Christ around the globe. You might also check out my book link if interested. Thanks again, Jim


    1. I appreciate your effort and admire your tenacity and devotion. Thank you for visiting. This blog is about sharing my journey as a writer, what I’ve learned and am still learning.


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