Six words inspired by a challenge

I’ve been participating off and on in Sometimes Stellar Storyteller’s 6 word story challenge . If you haven’t visited this page, you should. The challenge is simple. Every Saturday she posts a one word prompt to inspire your 6 word challenge. All you have to do is post your 6 word story in the comment(you only get one) and like at least two other posts.

It’s a fun way to exercise your writing muscles, grab some inspiration and see how others think. Sometimes great minds will think a like and as I’m composing my story someone else composes one very similar… It’s all in fun.

Last weeks prompt was rage and I won third place with my entry. As reward I get to post this lovely prize on my page.

6 word challenge 3rd.png

How fun. Thanks Nicola for hosting a fun contest. This week is Entrance, go visit and have some fun. I like to see what everyone else comes up with it’s very interesting.

My advice about trying something new.
Why not? You have nothing to lose. It is fun.


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