Inviting innuendo

Teasing is fun, it can be light and friendly or mean. No matter what, it should be a part of a story at some point. At least in my opinion, why? Because people tease, they joke and they banter. It is in human nature to want to laugh or improve our environment by introducing joviality.

Fun and light friendly banter is a great way to knit relationships together a bit more but what about flirtatious teasing? Or even sexually charged banter? Between strangers it can be challenging or come across as “tacky pick-ups” or between two pre-sexual relationship it can make for some fun chemistry and tension building. For a sexual couple it can spark a lot more than just a giggle when teasing becomes innuendo.

Anne looked up from the menu at the nurse who swept her off the very feet he helped her on to when she sprained her ankle. Since then, Tony had pursued her like a man plucked out of a historical romance novel.

“How was your day?” Anne set the menu down carefully.

“Pure hell until about ten minutes ago.” Tony looked at her through his extraordinary dark lashes from across the small intimate table setting. “And yours?”

“Oh.” She licked her lips and straightened the fork and knife on the napkin. “Boring and predictable as always.”

“Maybe we can change that.”

She stopped fidgeting and looked at his lips then finally his steel-blue eyes. “It would have to be something very out of the ordinary.”

“I can be unconventional Anne.”

“I bet.” Anne tucked a strand of auburn hair behind her ear. “But it would take a lot to shake my day up.”

“Hmm.” Tony eyed her flushed cheeks as he sipped his water.


Valery sighed heavily, plopping her chin in her hand and resting her elbow on the table. He hunger was sated, but not her appetite.

Jackson glanced at her pretty pouty face as she drummed her manicured fingers on her lips. “What’s eating you Val?”

“Nothing.” She smiled through her fingers. “Or rather no one.”

“Naughty woman.”

“I can be.” She giggled and stood to put the plates in the sink.

“You make it too easy.” Jackson got up and stopped in the doorway to the hall.

“I can play hard to get.” Valery’s sultry smile made him chuckle low in his throat.

“So can I.” He looked down then back up as she followed his gaze, her mouth opened as her tongue darted out to wet her lips.

It is easy to make conversation stiff and boring, so I steam it up with some heated banter. From simple flirting to outright suggestion getting the right chemistry is key. Finding the right balance is key, too much and someones going to come across as slutty or creepy. Too little and it might be missed. I make sure I know the characters and work within their parameters.

My advice about innuendo.
Find a good balance and don’t overdo it. Oh and it doesn’t have to lead to sex, they could be interrupted by drama or danger or it could be just plain old-fashioned flirting.


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Bacon, Banter and Coffee

Conversation is a multi layered beast. It can change with the wind, the tone can be misunderstood and feelings altered because of it. Small talk is generic and often dreaded. When people talk in a story it should have meaning, it should have a point and a direction. Whether it’s establishing backstory, character development, relationship development, it should have a place in the story. If it’s put there as filler, the reader isn’t dumb, and will know. I love good Banter, fun dialogue that brings out a characters nuances, hints toward an end goal and show’s us a little about who they are. Banter is easier done once the characters main attributes and position within the story have been set. Why? Because banter is often a friendly exchange, with humor, or even sexual tension depending on who is conversing. A history between the characters is necessary, it doesn’t have to be much, but enough that they can joke or make light of something common.

I just love when I’m reading a book and the characters slip into banter style conversation. It makes me as the reader feel closer to the characters. I become invested and I become interested. Too much drama, tension, or emotionally charged conversation can smack of melodrama. Eye rolling glorious melodrama.

After Sasha’s chaotic evening and past weeks she’s due for a little banter.

Sasha woke to the smell of bacon and coffee. The abnormally comfortable bed cocooned her in warmth.

“I’m not on vacation.” She whispered the words wide-eyed as it all came back. With a hand to her aching head, she slowly moved her sore stiff body from the bed.  She grabbed the soft white hotel robe and covered up. Whomever went through her belongings only packed light nightwear. Nothing practical. It should bother her that someone riffled through her home to bring her things, but it didn’t. She looked at the splay of clothes on the other side of the massive bed. At least there were jeans, some fitted long sleeve shirts and a couple soft sweaters.

“Morning.” Cal didn’t look up from the paper as she padded barefoot to the table. “Hope you like more than fruit with horse food and ruined milk. I already ate.”

“Yogurt is improved milk.” She smiled at the two Ibuprofen tablets beside the plate and sat. “I sometimes treat myself, I think I’ve earned some cholesterol and salt with a side of carbs and grease.”

“I did order you plant matter as well.” He smiled when she snickered.

The article was nonspecific. Sasha’s name was still out of the story but Baylor was now headline news. For now the information, surrounding the case was contained. It couldn’t stay that way for long. He was on baby sitting duty because his superiors caught wind of his history with Baylor.

“So am I news yet?” She bit into the toast and looked at it. Real butter. “Mmm.”

“Not yet thankfully.”

“I wish it would be never.”

“We’ll do what I can. For now you’re stuck here with me.”

“As in all day?”

He turned the page slowly. “As in all day.”

She chewed the fried sausage slowly. She was being rude and knew it. It was partly because he hit on her at the bar on the anniversary of the worst day of her life. It was also because she liked him, was attracted to him and didn’t want to be. Mostly it was because Baylor had soured her mood and tainted her home. Again. Last night had been too much. Everyone was picking at her or asking her to go outside her comfort zone. A zone, she was being told too often lately, was a bit too small.

“I have work to do, I can do it here, but I should call Val and Anne and let them know I’m on an impromptu vacay.”

“Will they buy it?”

“I was chatting with Val yesterday about getting away for a few days. I didn’t say where, she knows about Baylor after the bar and the bail thingy.”

“Staying home isn’t getting away.” He folded the paper and set it on the table finally looking at her directly.

“It is for me.” She looked down at the empty plate. “Guess I was hungry.”

“You probably skipped supper and likely ate grass for lunch. Not to mention that much stress will make you hungry.”

She laughed.

Cal’s head tilted to the side. “What?”

“There was wheat grass in my salad at lunch.”

They both laughed. He pulled out his phone and held it out. “Untraceable and blocked. Two calls.”

She took it with a sneer. “Protective custody. More like Jail for the innocent; except lucky me gets two whole calls.”

“You broke a few laws yesterday, I see no one innocent here.”

“You’re a regular funny guy.” She stomped off to her temporary bedroom. At least her prison was four and a half stars. The door wouldn’t slam, it had a safety slow close. She scrunched her face when she heard Cal’s boisterous laugh behind her. “Jerk.”

In this, I wanted to portray that Sasha is sarcastic and health conscious, Cal is practical and nurturing. While upset about what happened Sasha is aware she is taking it out on a patient Cal. Much of their banter wouldn’t work if they hadn’t had some time together already.

My advice about Banter.
Know your characters and how they interact together (Not everyone is equal in reaction/action). Make sure to keep in mind where you eventually want them to end up. Nothing can lighten a story after a violent storm than some sunny friendly banter.


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