Get Ready For #PitMad

I have discovered pitch parties on Twitter. There are a few of them out there. If you have a finished, unpublished manuscript that is ready to query you can participate in the pitch parties.

What are they?  In one tweet, 280 characters, you pitch your manuscript. That’s it. Literary agents and publishers will read the tweets and if they like your pitch that is considered a request for materials. You get to query them specifically by their request.

Often with this type of query request, you might get a personalized rejection, or if you’re lucky and they like your query, then they will request more materials to read.

I’ve participated in a few and had 2 agents request partials and 3 publishers. There is no guarantee, but it is fun.

is this Thursday! Are you ready? Make sure you read the full rules here! Happy Pitching!


It’s important to pay attention to the time. EDT. if not sure what your time zone is compared, you can google it.

It is also essential to follow the rules. People will notice if you break the rules. The agents and publishers will notice. The general consensus is, if you can’t follow simple twitter pitch party rules, you might not be easy to work with. After all, you want to make a good impression.

I will be pitching for Prophecy Ink.

How do you write a pitch? I can get into the details, or you can watch this excellent short video at iWriterly by Meg Latorre.  Click on image to see the video and her blog.
meg latorre.png

There are three things you want to highlight. Character, story and the stakes. It’s not a lot of space to work with, so the pitch needs to be compact.

Here are some that I used last time. I’ll be writing three new ones since twitter doesn’t like repeat pitches.

Betrayed by the police as a teen, Moira must now learn to trust a detective who can see her magic death-predicting tattoo. His presence puts Moira in the path of the assassins he’s tracking. With death all around them and chasing them, they must find the truth. #A #LF #F #PitMad

Moira gets three clues, two choices and only one small moment to change the prophesized death of a stranger. Assassins hunt her for defying the PROPHECY INK. She must learn the difference between saving lives to be free and saving a life so they may be free. #A #LF #F #PitMad

Moira doesn’t want to watch another person die horribly, nor to have assassins hunt her. She doesn’t want her life to fall apart beyond repair. It’s time for her to step up and find out who she is and what she’s made of. Oh, and save some lives along the way. #A #LF #F #PitMad

Each pitch is under 280 characters. That includes spaces and the #tags. I will write three new ones for this pitch. I have about 24 written for this story already.

I think it’s important to have three very different pitches. That way there is a better chance of catching someone’s attention.

It’s also fun to see what other people are writing about and how they pitch their story.

My advice about twitter pitch parties
If you’re querying, you should check these out. They are fun and a good way to get the attention of agents and publishers. As with anything, if you get a request, do your research, make sure they are legit. Have fun!


Re-Write Right

Re-Write Right

Re-Write Right

I have been crazy busy lately. With PitchWars now open to submissions, (Until Wednesday Aug.29th) I have submitted, and that is now off my plate of things to do/worry about. Not that I was up at night worrying or anything, but it was on my long list of stuff to get done.

I haven’t had much time to write lately, not that I’m a fast writer, I’m hoping to find some time to work on a project that has been patiently waiting while I prepped for PitchWars and through the re-write.

I want to talk a bit about re-writing and how it’s different from revisions and editing.

Editing is the process of correcting grammar, sentence structure, tone/voicing, errors and the little mistakes that hide within the words.

Revising is the process of altering sentences, paragraphs and chapters even to correct story errors, plot holes, character flaws or even add to the story by writing in better dialogue, scenes or descriptions. I’ll often be on a roll with writing and not want to stop and describe something like the desk or the room, and I’ll put [describe desk] or [describe room] so that I can go back and add the descriptions when I’m revising. Sometimes if I know something isn’t working and I want to come back to it I’ll mark it with XXX or *** that way I see and remind myself I wanted to look closer at that text.

Are Editing and Revising different? Yes, can they be done at the same time? Of course. I do both together all the time. I’ll often go through a document with a secondary grammar/spell check program such as Grammarly, and then I’ll use the search and replace feature of my word program to highlight issues. I’ll highlight Filter words, LY (for adverbs, there is no way to highlight the whole word, so ly works just fine.) I’ll highlight ING, and words I use far too often such as but, or perhaps. With them highlighted I can address them as I revise.

A Re-Write of a book is different from Editing and Revising but encompasses both. Re-writing can be done however an author wants. They can read a paragraph and wing it. I couldn’t do that myself, I like what I wrote the first time and don’t want to confuse myself. I like to do a line by line re-write. That can be one sentence at a time, one paragraph, block of dialogue, or even a chapter.

What I do.

I will have two documents. (original is saved as a 1st draft.) The first is a copy of the original that needs to be re-written. The second is a blank document formatted correctly. I will copy a segment from the original(taking note of word count if I’m striving for lower numbers and change that segment on the copy to say, purple.) Then I’ll paste it into the new document as plain text, so it’s black.

Then I will read each line carefully, in an attempt to get the most from a sentence. Then once I’ve removed crap sentences, written cleaner sentences and checked for repetition, I will highlight the new segment(take note of new word count.) and I’ll change it to say light grey. Then I’ll repeat by copying the next bit(change it to purple on the copy) then paste as plain text to the new document.

What’s the point of changing the color you ask? Good question. It keeps my place in my original document, and I can clearly see what I’ve done. Same on the new document. If I have to leave halfway through a paragraph, I want to come back and know if it’s done or not. Why in different colors? I personally like the documents to look different even though one is a work in progress and obviously different. It just makes me feel better to see the difference.

What’s the point of noting the word count? Whether I’m looking to beef up my word count or bring it down, keeping track is fun and useful. With this one, I’m striving to bring it down. So with each segment, if I can have it lower than the original, I’m winning. If it’s longer, I can take a closer look. They aren’t always lower, but I strive to bring the count down with each segment. I also have a handy dandy spreadsheet where I track chapter by chapter. Once I’m done re-writing a chapter, I will track the original chapter’s word count against the new re-write. I also have it configured to tell me the total words removed ‘thus far’ and a countdown to my goal word count. This helps me stay on task with a clear goal in mind.

My last post was about some messy sentences that needed to be fixed with some examples. Popping Inflated Sentences, I’ll revisit this idea once I have some more examples to share. For now, it’s back to the re-write.

My advice about re-writing
Sit on the work for at least 3 weeks before attempting a re-write. The longer, the better. 1-3 months or longer even. This will let you reset your brain, so when you go back, you have fresh eyes. I know some will say “Nah, I can do it right away.” You probably can’t. Trust me, this advice exists for a reason. At least write something new or read a book before tackling a re-write. 



#BoostMyBio – Adult UF-MR + A little bit about me


For anyone who has no clue what #BoostMyBio is, I only figured it out a couple days ago. I’ve been participating in various twitter pitch parties, and I’m preparing for something called PitchWars. If you’re a writer with an unpublished completed manuscript, synopsis and a query letter, then this might be for you. Click on their lovely logo(Below) to visit their site, see the rules and get the low-down.pitch wars

Today is the #BoostMyBio Blog hop. It is not affiliated with PitchWars. It is, however a great way to meet other entrants and meet other writers. This is my first PitchWars and #BoostMyBio.

My blog is all about me and my journey as a writer. All that I’ve learned since I sat down and typed out “No Joe, I don’t believe in superheroes.” The first sentence for my first completed novel. It’s not the first sentence anymore, but it did start this crazy journey.

I don’t usually share personal stuff on my blog, today I will share a bit. At the bottom, I’ll share my “Aesthetics” for Mora and the antagonist.

I am still not sure if I’m submitting BiaAtlas or Prophecy Ink. It will likely depend on the status of BiaAtlas at the time of submissions. For now, I’ll focus on Prophecy Ink since this is the manuscript I am currently pitching in pitch parties and querying to agents.

Pitch Wars has introduced me to some fantastic, beautiful writers who continuously support each other and offer help freely. 

When I’m asked what my writing style is, I don’t have a polished answer ready. I write I don’t have a specific method in mind I simply have a story to tell. 

Favorite authors. I have too many to list. So I’ll start with the two that inspired me to want to write almost 25 years before I drafted my first manuscript. Jude Deveraux, who was the first author to make me fall in love with the characters. And Jean M. Auel’s Clan of the cave bear was the first to make me hate a character and cry openly while reading. I discovered the passion and emotion of reading that would grow into the desire to write my own.

I am a coffee-free writer. I haven’t had a cup of coffee in almost 13 years. I crave it. Still, I dream about it, and that is partly why I’ll never drink it again. Addiction runs in my family, and when I gave it up for health reasons, I was stunned at how severe the withdrawals were.

I tend to do a lot of research. I like to know about things. Whether it’s how to use dashes and M-dashes correctly, or the depth that an axe will sink into a torso and what damage it causes, I want to know things. 

Lastly, I try my best to be a positive person and influence. I prefer to lift people up than step on them. I am married to a supportive, caring and funny man. We have one child, a witty and funloving boy who loves being outdoors. I have one Cat and two kittens who will be joining our home this week. I currently have eight completed books in the queue for editing and revising. Several are sequels to BiaAtlas.

Prophecy Ink is an Urban Fantasy with Magical Realism and is an Adult book. The book contains graphic violence, humor and a good dose of action.

Here are a few of my Pitch Wars pitches that I used on Twitter and my Aesthetics.

With a death-predicting tattoo, Moira must redeem herself by saving strangers lives while being hunted by a fanatical group. She must face the people of her past that set her on a path of unaware self-destruction. Then she must work with them to survive.

The police betrayed Moira as a teen. Now a detective dogs her every move because wherever she goes, people die. It’s not her fault, but she can stop death from happening. All she has to do is learn to trust a cop, her instinct and the magic tattoo on her arm.

Moira never expected to have the choice between the life and death of strangers predicted by a magic tattoo. Saving a life gets her closer to freedom, which makes it hard when it’s someone who deserves to die. Being Judge, jury, and executioner is complicated.


aestheic antagonist 1

Thanks for stopping by, have fun visiting other Pitch Wars hopefuls.



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