#TBT Posts

writing advice TBT 2I thought it would be fun to revisit some older posts and take a look at them. I found some grammar and spelling issues. I found some ideas and opinions that may or may not still be relevant. I’m not going to just re-post an old post, I’m going to revise it and edit them and then share them with you again. I plan to do this to make the revisited post fresher and add some new perspective as I’ve come a long way since.

Anything added(except grammar and spelling corrections) are marked in blue within the original Post’s text.

Here are the posts that I’ve revisited so far:

Writing Advice, Throwback Thursday Style #TBH

 1. Tulips in July tbt.png   2. Did you smell that 2  3. Oops  4. melody 5. The FAB Pencil   6. Silliness And Seriousness  7. SYCHTBT  8. TBR50  9. 


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