The joy of pretend world

When my son plays with his toys, like Lego, dinosaurs, hot-wheels or whatever he chooses. He is lost and submerged in his pretend world. Happy carefree and having fun.

It is fascinating to watch. Most children’s shows, movies and books are based off of the imaginary world they so easily dive into. They are written by adults who can successfully still access the mysterious world of child’s play. I envy this play this ability to create entire worlds in their heads and become part of them.

Wait, isn’t that what I do? Yes, yes it is. When I sit and write, my pretend world is a little more grown up, but it is still an imaginary place. It’s mine and its a crazy wild and wonderful world. So when I look at my son and he comes up with fantastical scenarios that only he can see, I smile realizing I do the same thing. Only I write mine down instead of acting it out. I play the story in my head I move the characters and change their environments at my whim.

Every aspect of my book is my doing. From the people, their clothes, what they eat and do. To how they act, behave, their history present and future. Their love lives or lack of, their tendency toward good or evil. The worlds in which they live interact and move through. Ever little single thing is created in the creative corner of my mind, the play-center of my adult life.

My pretend worlds bring me great joy and I am so happy to know that I’m still a kid at heart. I haven’t forgotten how to create pretend worlds they are just different. Now I can share my imagination with others and when I read a book I know I’m sharing in someone else’s pretend world playtime.

My advice about pretend world.
If you write fiction, you’re a big kid like it or not. Welcome to the club, love it, embrace it and don’t forget to play well with others. 😉


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15 thoughts on “The joy of pretend world

  1. Oh It was real fun in childhood to create Imaginary Worlds and then get lost in them. I used to play house house and my Mom told me, that many a time, they would find me, speaking to an imaginary person, like enacting a play, in which there is only one person and many characters.
    You are Right that when we write Stories, we also create an Imaginary World for our Readers to delve into.
    That is called “Our Space”.
    Well explained.

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  2. Being able to slip away for a while in an Imaginary World is real fun. When I was small, my Mom used to find me many times talking to imaginary people, as if I was 1 person enacting several characters.
    By writing Stories / Books, we also create our Own Imaginary World for our Readers to delve into.
    Its fun to develop elaborate and intricate scenes, with out own Imaginary Mind.

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  3. I love this! I had never thought of it this way before, but it really makes sense. It is also part of the reason I love to read, that escape into the “fantastical scenarios” and “imaginary place[s]”. It only makes sense that a love to write should spring from the same well. Fabulous, thank you for bringing this notion to light.

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  7. “when I read a book I know I’m sharing in someone else’s pretend world playtime.”
    Never thought of this aspect of reading before. 🙂

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