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I’ve been taking some family time off this summer and posting a little less frequently.  My newest book is taking almost all my free time and it’s amazing how much fun I’m having writing it.

When I look back over my year since I started blogging I have to admit I’ve learned a lot. Things that I didn’t know and might never have discovered if it wasn’t for starting a blog.

Grammar is something that can always be improved upon (IMO) since I know I’m not a grammar genius I take all the advice I can get. I have also done a lot of research to find out the little things I had no idea about.

I’ve blogged about dashes, commas, tenses, filter words (A huge issue for me), Interjection, dangling modifiers, exposition, hyperboles, clauses, fragment sentences and so much more.

I’ve also learned that inspiration can come from anywhere. Honestly anywhere!  My new book was inspired by an insignificant everyday thing. I’ve blogged about people watching, seeing the world and not just what’s in front of me, I’ve talked about sources of inspiration such as vacations, the beach, amusement parks, the bar, barbeques, and anything that involves people, places, and things. Being more aware and seeing the world around me has become a great source of inspiration.

I’ve met a great number of writers since I started this journey, both online and off. Each and every one of them a unique talent that brought my attention to various styles of writing. I’ve since dabbled in first person perspective writing and it’s a lot of fun.  I’ve also found that reading others works’ and appreciating

I’ve also found that reading others works’ and appreciating their style is a wonderful way to understand my own. Whether it is books, poems, short stories or songs everyone has a voice. I may absolutely love how someone else writes, and they may influence me but I have my own voice and copying someone else’s style or voice is a waste of time. It won’t read as well as my own.

Distractions and writer’s block are a writer’s worst enemy. Through other bloggers and writers and research, I’ve learned what can be done to minimize both issues. Breaks and living life are necessary for both getting the creative juices flowing and for keeping the mind active and able to focus.

Story structure or the arc of a story is important and I have spent a good amount of time researching the various styles and methods used to write a story. Some people plan it all out before they start writing. While others go with the flow. Myself I’ve discovered I’m a little of both. I think and think and plan it out but I go with the flow and if things change along the way then so be it. I do know having an end in mind is of the utmost importance. Otherwise, the story becomes either too long or pointless.

Keeping the reader engaged and delivering an entertaining story is the most important part of writing. I know if I like what I write, then others will too.  Therefore I don’t worry about what others think and I never let it influence my writing. I write for me and then I share it.

I’ll continue to touch on these key aspects of writing and since I’ve learned so much and still have plenty more to learn I’ll be revisiting some of them with more information.

I don’t think anyone can know everything about writing and there is always room for improvement and expansion.

My advice about writing 
Never be afraid to try something new, or visit something old. Looking back momentarily is a great way to move forward monumentally.


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10 thoughts on “Something To Write About

  1. Many of the most heart-warming moments come from other writers and bloggers. I love Sheryl because she’s not only informative, she’s a great writer! She’s willing to give and share of the knowledge she’s obtained.
    Like you, I have a depth of appreciation for the other bloggers and writers here, whether it’s to inform, to share a poem a song or novelette or novel and short stories.
    The differing styles have kept me completely entertained.
    I’m having issues with my blog some of it is WordPress’s newest changes, others are the broken links on my end. So, unfortunately, I am unable to share (or if I do, you may not be able to connect) as the back part (jetpack) is broken which connects all things WordPress and otherwise. I’m hoping we’ll get this fixed in a few days, but it has been frustrating not knowing whether anyone can see my posts or not. Some can, some can’t. Some connect other are unable.
    To be honest it’s like losing a limb and being cut off. Not a fun position to be in.
    Again, thank you, Sheryl, for all you do. You’re delightful and wonderful. I appreciate and enjoy you so much.

    Liked by 1 person

    • As always you’re a gem. It’s nice to have such consistent support from you. I’ve noticed the issues on your site but I found my way back. Others will too. I’ll be catching up on blindsided as soon as I have some spare time. I’m looking forward to the binge read.


      • LOL thank you. So glad you found me. Many are complaining, but I can’t fix the broken jetpack. That’s the problem. Adam’s going through it, line by line of code, it’s taking forever and he works on fixing problems all day long or afternoon or evening depending on his shift. He isn’t always able or willing as it’s tiring fixing other people’s problems (he works sight unseen over the phone) to fix issues, so when the end of shift comes,he’s tired and done. When he’s up to it, only then will I ask as he does so much for me always! in all things! computer related and life! He’s a gem.
        As for the support, well, what can I say, I adore you and your site. You are a gem. I’m only drawn to gems, I don’t have anything or anyone else in my life. Think that was a lifechoice – universalchoice – long ago, cause I’ve been blessed that way. Even here, I’m drawn to the value of others, which for me is on the interior and shines through quite brightly. I thoroughly enjoy you Sheryl. Its a privilege and honour to have met you. 🙂

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  2. I’m a new by to blogging and although I don’t write full length blogs (I’m not a professional) I must say I have loved writing on my blogs (I have two) I enjoy writing off beat random blogs and find myself changing direction mid blog… Is this normal or am I just doing it wrong?


    • There is no rule to say what your blog should look like or what it should contain. I find if you write what you know, and what you want to write about you’ll be happier. Don’t worry about what others’ are doing or what thier blogs look like. By all means take snippets and ideas but make your blog your own and you’ll be happy with it. If you find yourself switchign mid blog maybe make yoiur post short and end it mid way. Then start a new one with the new subject. You dont have to post them right away you can save them as drafts for another day.


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