30 thoughts on “Trademarks In My Writing

  1. Great post Sheryl! I love all of your examples and you are right. With a little bit of effort and research, you can find a different way to describe something that is trademarked or wordmarked and since the information is public record, if you’re unsure, it’s quite easy to just contact the company and ask for permission.

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  2. In one of my books, I wanted to describe an up-to-date state of the art home. I had to create a new name as the one I’d thought of was used. Guess what? Before I could publish my book, “Smart Home” became a reality and someone else was building them. I appreciate this write though, Sheryl, because there are so many times I use words like you mentioned that are an every day part of life, we’ve used them forever. Thank you for the insight into how to do it. Awesome stuff.

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