Six Word Story Challenge – Superstition

Six word story challenge

Six Word Story Challenge

Here is this week’s six-word story challenge. This prompt is now hosted by Wonderwall360 and Kirstwrites. Once a week they post a one-word prompt, and we get to create a six-word story in response. At the end of the week, there is a Poll for everyone to vote for their favorite story and the winners get a badge. Even if you don’t participate in the prompt, you can still vote for your top three picks at the end of the week.

The prompt this week is:


What six words would you use to tell a story about the word Superstition? Silly or SCARY, superstitions are a global phenomenon.

Join the fun and tell us a six-word story.

My story:

“Fate unveiled; Old Wives told true. ”

Come on over to tell your six-word story to this week prompt. Click on the image below to participate in this week’s prompt and leave your story in the comments to participate.

Six Word Story icon.png

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Today’s daily prompt is SCARY. How scary can you be?




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